Event Calendar

Based on FullCalendar and Bootstrap

Event Calendar

Event Calendar
is based on FullCallendar

Event Calendar presents the basic needs for each user, and everyone can create a new event merely just by adding the type, and setting it up on the new Event area.

Sweet Alert
Awesome Javascript Enhancements

This plugin also comes with the awesome Sweet Alert that uses utimate javascript enhancements that are up-to-date incredible features replacing old javascript message alert boxes and modals.

Google Web Fonts and
Font Awesome Icons

This plugin is built with some features like Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome icons that you can use on your projects, or just manage to set up only the calendar over your exiting project.

Totally Responsive
based on Bootstrap Framework

You can use this plugin on every device, mobile or not, and you still can use it everywhere, because it uses the Bootstrap Framework, one of the easiest, and functional grid for responsive devices.

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